Ural Miami


  The classic boxer twin has a German heritage. So effective, simple and powerful is this design that Porsche, Volkswagen, and even Harley (during the war with the XA model) made this design their choice. The reliability and torque of this elegant motor is due to its original design in 1912 by Max Friz, a brilliant German aircraft-engine builder. He devised a compact and rugged engine that delivered significant torque for its displacement, at low and constant RPMs, without the gyro effects of other twins. The military and civilian uses became legendary. The German motorbike builder BMW, began using the design in their motorcycles in 1922.

Because of it's opposed cylinder layout the "Boxer" as it was dubbed, turns the crankshaft in line with the motorcycle (or airplane!) This allows for a straight-through shaft connection from the engine, through the gearbox, and through a stainless steel driveshaft to a rear wheel final drive gear in the wheel hub. This drivetrain design is exactly like millions of rear wheel drive automobiles built over the past eighty years! It is a time tested, proven drive system made elegantly simple by the "Boxer" opposed cylinder engine.

The Armies of the world have loved it for its rugged and bulletproof (literally !) drive train that delivers poser through a steel shaft directly to the rear wheel instead of depending on chains or belts that could be disabled by rocks, mud, sand or bullets!

Today the "Boxer" engine has evolved into the high tech and electronically sophisticated and complicated versions that can be found not only in BMWs but also in Porsches, Hondas and others. These are wondrous engines, at wondrous prices! But they still retain the basic "soul" of Max Friz's first engines. The IMZ 750 cc is true to the earlier versions in looks, but also has many modern internal components. These parts, like pistons, rings, valves, valve guides & seats and oil seats are modern and western made. The carburetors are made in Japan. These parts make the engine more reliable & cleaner.

So its true that sometimes simple is better, and old fashioned ideas and designs have strong reasons for their ability to contine for a long time. It is the main reason why over 3.2 million URALs have been sold around the world. 

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